Security & Privacy

Deborah Wilkinson Co Ltd produce your will in house. We do not use outside services. The transaction you make will be between yourself and Deborah Wilkinson and Co Ltd.

Your personal data, is stored in electronic form for a period of 12 years and you may request to see the data held or have it deleted.

Personal data will not be used for any purpose other than: –

– The preparation of the Will
– The monitoring of the service provided to Clients.
– Checking and comparing the names, addresses and other details of users to ascertain whether an individual, partnership or company is using this service for commercial purposes.
– For a purpose explicitly requested by the user.


Personal Data will not be passed on to any Third Party except as follows:

– To Paypal (or any other payment collection service as Deborah Wilkinson and Co Ltd shall from time to time appoint) for the purposes of obtaining payment for the Will. Such transfer of Personal Data will be limited to that data which is necessary to obtain payment. We do not store your financial details on our premises.
– At the request of the user